Cali's fires

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Humpy, May 4, 2013.

  1. Humpy


    I see the usual out of control fires are threatening homes and businesses in California.
    Happens every year with some regularity.
    Surely in place systems could be installed saving a lot of money.
    100 foot pylons could be built along the ridge lines and other suitable places which could spray a fine mist of water to be caried on the strong winds. And then it's just a matter of turning on the relevent taps.
  2. The fine mist of water would turn to steam and probably do nothing.:eek:
  3. Humpy


    Turn it on soon enough and the vegetation would be soaking wet - end of fire !!
  4. Right reminds me of the forestry ad that has some liberal dipshit calling in suggesting installing a sprinkler system in the forest to prevent forest fires.

    I say go for it, make more million dollar california homes slide down the hill, makes for great film footage.
  5. hank
    hank johnson is THAT you?

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    Why is it the stupider the liberal, the better they think their solutions are?
  6. Humpy


    The alternative is to deny there is any likelyhood of fires in the future, I suppose.
    About time they tried a sensible idea or two. Nothing to do with liberalism/fascism etc. just good ole common sense.

    Just too mean to pay for it.
  7. Eight


    Whites have all been driven out to the suburbs, that's where the fires are. There are a few jurisdictions that have mandated fireproof homes. Usually it's at the insistence of a Fire Chief. Sparks enter at the eaves and spread fire from house to house so they build them with eaves that block embers or leave the eaves out somehow. Roofing material is the other vector for fires, non-flammable roofs are in order. The cost of building a house that won't burn is not a lot greater than the typical shit they build in California. I wonder if they don't look at the demographics of the homeowners [white] and just let them burn every year? Sometimes tankers that are supposed to be available get to fire season and don't have their maintenance done. California is kind of a joke compared to nearly anywhere else. The papers are printing articles lauding the efforts of homeowners in clearing the brush from around their houses. I guess the various county governments get off on that power they have over property owning whites after they have been driven to the suburbs.