Californias overcrowded jails

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    And how are all of these career criminal losers going to make their way from California to Wall St.?

  2. Greyhound?
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    I guess Obama and co. must be paying for the fares. That sounds about right.
  4. If you took up a collection to see the cuff links and tassled loafers fly do you really think you couldn't raise the funds? Heres my hundred bucks.
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    Oh I'm sure you could collect some funds, some people will donate to almost anything. I have doubts you'd raise the $7.4 million needed to get Greyhound tickets for all of them though.
  6. They're not releasing all of them.
  7. Democrats will bus them, they do it all the time ..
  8. Just do the math:

    California is broke.. their prisons are designed to accommodate 80K prisoners at $53K per head count. They have 165K prisoners and have no financial means to increase their prison capacity and pay the room & board.

    Take the capital investment out of the equation for a moment. Every 100 prisoners costs Californians $5.3M the full lot of 165K prisoners costs 8.745B. Approx $300 per resident / $1000 per tax payer each year to house criminals.

    The private companies contracted to provide these services are making a mint. Reducing the head count to 80K still means they are pissing away $4.24B in their penal system.
  9. Free room and board. Makes no sense how criminals get it but not kids who go to college.
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