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  2. haha...oh,maaaaaaaannnnn....
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    PPP is the correct way of looking at it as the article mentions. In that case the map is misleading.
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    First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that these indicators are for2015, and it was, by the way, 3 years ago. Still, I really doubt the verity of the card.
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    Bay Area homes deliver record-breaking returns
    The good times started to roll in April 2012. The Warriors had a solid new back court named Curry and Thompson and local home prices started to climb again. Since then, Bay Area homes have gained value year-over-year for a record 70 straight months, according to real estate data firm CoreLogic. It’s been nearly six years, and the Warriors and the housing market look stronger than ever.(Mercury News)
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    I found HI traffic far worse than the Bay Area. Plus no mass transit options except The Bus which was stuck in the same traffic as everyone else.
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    Have you been to LA lately?:banghead::mad::vomit::thumbsdown:
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