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  1. To all of the traders trading in California (bonds/bond futures specifically)--

    Please provide feedback on how you deal with the early market open (bonds @ 5:20). I am thinking of moving there, but I am wondering waking up at or before 4am would take getting used to, or just suck until I don't do it anymore.

    Have you adapted, how has it been? Thank you!
  2. It is very difficult and takes a lot of getting used to.
    It also puts a serious crimp in one's social life because hardly anyone else has those kinds of hours here on the West Coast.
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    Works great for me. I sleep in two (short) shifts, and my body got used to it after just a few weeks. I'm happy to be able to be up all night when I need/want to, having gotten my "important" sleep done in the late morning or late afternoon.

    Any inconvenience is a small price to pay to live in CA, IMO :)
  4. It's the greatest thing to trade US markets from the West coast. Done with equity trading at 1pm! Bonds/FI at Noon!! FX is dead by Noon as well, can't beat it with a stick. If you've got kids it's great... I am up by 5am PDT
  5. Apex is right, it is difficult and hard to get used to.

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    There are some sacrifices that you have to make. Such as:

    * Waking up Early
    * Having to go to bed earlier than usual

    But the positives outweigh the negatives IMO. Here is a list of +'s:

    * You can trade the open 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM. This means you can finish trading by 8:00 AM PST.
    * You have the rest of the day to do things you want to do. For example Mountain Biking, Running, Reading, Working etc
    * You are forced to be disciplined.

    This is how I see it. The only place better to trade is Europe ala Spain or Portugal (along the coast).

    ozzzy "soon to be west coaster"

    P.S one of the reasons I love trading is the fact that you can live almost anywhere in the world.
  7. Its great to be done by lunchtime ... but ... I basically need to be up at 3:30 if I am to finish my pre-market work before the open.
    My only complaint was never seeing the sunrise - since i was already working.
    .. But southern california is a nice place to live - the best in the US as far as I am concerned.
  8. Honestly, it really sucks....its hard to adapt to especially if you are more of a night owl. Obviously, this is a pretty subjective issue, but if you anticipate that it will be an issue for you, it most likely will. And don't forget to factor in rediculous traffic when its time to leave which is a HUGE issue on the west coast if you are anywhere NEAR an urban area. Cali is a nice place of course. But will it be okay if you can only enjoy it between 1PM when you will most likely finish the drive home, and 7-8PM when you need to go to sleep. If this suits your lifestyle(it dosent mine), then you will be fine. If not, you might consider other options. Not trying to be a pessimist, just make you consider the everyday reality to help your decision making process.
  9. I do not anticipate a long commute because I am potentially going to be living in SF, so the commute will potentially be a 10 minute walk or a 10-20 bus ride to the financial district.

    I can see having the afternoons to do what I want as being really cool, especially with all there is to do in Cali, SF specifically. Ozzy, I agree with the discipline comment, I could see myself saying, OK I am here for a reason! I would not wake up at 4 if it wasn't for this!

    Thanks everyone for responding, and if there are more opinions and comments, bring em on...

    Successful trading,

  10. Any bond futures traders in SF?? Prop, own account??
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