California Sues Companies for Global Warming!

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Do you think it is fair to sue companies for global warming

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  1. Guess they better sue themselves for using a car... :)
  2. Exactly.

    Da Man is keeping us all down and forcing us to drive cars. :confused:

    No sense of personal responsibility whatsoever.
  3. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    I'm in North Carolina where hurricanes have cost millions in damage and the weather guys say the ferocity and increased frequency of the hurricanes is a result of global warming, so I think we'd like to get in on a bit of that action. And while we're at it, I think we should have California added as a defendent to that suit as they manufacture cars in California (not in NC).

    I also hear that cows contribut to global warning. Now, the only reason that ranchers raise cows is because people eat beef and drink milk. So, I guess everyone except for lifelong vegans will be a defendent on a global warming lawsuit.

    You take this to the N'th degree and this can get ridiculous to the N'th degree!
  4. jho


    Bush caused global warming ... obviously.
  5. fhl


    A guy standing next to me in the elevator yesterday passed gas. I think he should be sued, too, for the greenhouse effect.
  6. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    You need to Go for the deep pocket's: Bush's Baked Beans
  7. The California AG is a certified moonbat and an election is approaching. Enough said.
  8. well duh. Hey they have a claim if the auto industry and oil and gas industry were hiding evidence that global warming is real right. It wasnt that long ago that the same people now claiming global warming was false, said smoking didnt cause cancer. How many people here still belieaves smoking doesnt cause cancer. So yeah they do have a case. Its not that far fetch. :D

  9. ALso, Ca likes to think it is the national leader in matters like these.

    Certainly, they may sue; but they will also have to show damages and prove that automakers are the cause of said damages. Should be fun to watch and difficult to prove a casual relationship between auto emissions and GW, since the climate experts disagree amongst themselves. I imagine each govt. witness will be countered by an opposing expert put on by the car makers. Though i doubt this circus will ever get to trial. BTW-is this moonbat seeking higher office?

    I'm waiting to hear the "regulatory defense" That is when the industry says it met the government standards for fuel efficiency and if the government believed those standards were not adequate, the government of Calif. should have adopted more stringent mileage standards.

    OTOH-carmakers don't need more crap on their plates considering their poor financials, esp Ford.

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