California Real Estate

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  1. They don't, unless they have been there a long time. They commute to work from outlying towns. It is actually a big problem for the city as far as hiring cops, teachers, etc.

    Hawaii has the same problem for its massive services industry related to tourism. They are so desperate that they pay airfare for such jobs in this industry so people will make the move from the mainland. There is a severe shortage of labor because these jobs don't cover expenses unless you live out in the boonies, and you better be "local" or kamaina there or problems arise big time.
  2. BTW,

    Yes, it is an awesome area. All depends what you are looking for though. Want city life, go to SF. Fun as hell. Also expensive, but condos are doable on an average professional salary there.

    Want warm beaches, go to any of the LA beach towns, or better yet, San Diego. SD is about 40% cheaper than SF for rent, and maybe 30% for homes. Shit for jobs, but doesn't matter if you are a trader.

    Like the mtns and skiing, go to Tahoe.
    Like surfing, Santa Cruz. (near Silicon valley, much better waves than SoCal).

    Cal is one big mongo state. Its expensive for a reason. Damn near perfect weather in much of it, and it has everything:
    beaches, desert, mountains (real mountains), redwoods, etc.

    Some of the best: surf/skiing/windsurfing/kayaking/cycling, etc on the planet. And very mellow people.

    Yes, I was raised in Cal.