California proposes toughest gun laws

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    In .22 LR I have a SW Model-41 pistol and a Marlin Model-60 rifle. I've got about 18,000 rounds of match-grade .22LR.

    In .308 I have a Springfield Armory M1A and about 2000 rounds of Milsurp FMJ.

    In 12 ga. I have a Remington 870 tactical magnum and 300 rounds of 2.5 inch 12 ga. in light game load and about 300 rounds of 3 inch 12 ga. magnums in 00 buckshot and another 100 rounds of 3 inch slugs. The 3-inch 00 buckshot rounds contain 19 projectiles at about .32 caliber each.

    In .357 I have a SW Model-66 combat magnum and about 1000 rounds of .38, .38 special, .38+P and .357 magnum.

    I'm good. :D
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    Tsing Tao

    I love Plus-P!
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    I hope Ak-47 isn't Jerry Brown in disguise. :D
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    Can't hit anything with .357 and people on both sides at the range get powder burns.
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    That's the point. You don't have to hit anything. The flash/bang will knock them down. Try the .44 mag, even more effective. :D
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    I shot a friends S&SW model 29 years ago. Frankly I thought the recoil wasn't all that bad.
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    Same impression here. A friend has a Dan Wesson single-action .44 magnum and it shoots far better than my Model-66 probably because it is such a huge gun.

    I think the Model-66 is called a "K-Frame" and it is just too small a gun to support .357 with any accuracy.
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    I think the smith has a more straight back recoil which is easier to control. On others I've shot the recoil brings the barrel up and it's hard to control and hang onto the grip. I haven't tried the Ruger which a lot of people like. But, the western grip with the rounded top is harder to keep the barrel from rising and splitting your thumb web on the back of the hammer.
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