California Power Alerts

Discussion in 'Politics' started by crackedback, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. I'm getting real tired of these crazy power alerts and have become gun-shy about trading during any period they are in effect. Last year when the power went down, the phone was also out. Last thing I need is to be long and have the electricity go out and the market tank, or vice versa with no way to close the position.

    Curious as to what other in California plan to do if we get back to rolling blackouts other than a vacation?????
  2. EricP


    After a power failure here in Virginia a month ago, I went out and bought a generator to use as backup power. At ~$1000, it was cost effective to keep my trading up and running during the next power failure. If you trade actively from home, as I do, this may be a good 'investment' for you to consider.