California near financial disaster...

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  1. For those of you in Cali, what do you think of this budget crisis? The state is virtually bankrupt, there's hardly enough money to get through August, govt spending is being cut in key areas like health care and education.

    I wonder, if California can't borrow any private money, if the budget crisis threatens essential services like police, fire....would the feds come in and bail us out?
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    How much does th U.S spend on warfare in comparison to other expenditures ?


  3. This is what happens when the tree huggers make it impossible to do business in the state...this is why you have power problems and this is why they all fled to texas and now laugh at the begging of Grey Devis to come back.....Californiahas more anti business initiatives then any state this side of all makes perfect sense untill your looking for some tax revenue.
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    Agreed. IMO it will get worse and it won't really get better for a long time. The anti-business climate was ok when aerospace and the military were in the state, they had enough clout to deal with it but they left years ago.

    These Governments always do the same thing in a budget crisis, they cut the stuff that hurts the taxpayers the most to try to coerce us back into the fold and accept the new higher tax rates. I say let them collapse. Life went on before the Calif govt, it would go on after.

  5. I say we offer California to the mexicans....they are all there anyway..let's sell it to them for a couple billion with barbara streisand and a rock group to be named later:D
  6. TM,

    Good idea, but maybe we could just split it up into three or four chunks and give them to neighboring states. As currently organized California seems ungovernable, much like Washington, DC.
  7. What's going to happen if California gets another 8.0 earthquake?
  8. is a awfully nice place to live, except for the traffic and the way people drive, they are not used to hazards so they drive at least 80 on cell phones,,,, its ridiculas
  9. Arizona, Nevada real estate prices soar
  10. They'll vote Republican?

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