California Mortgage Foreclosure Chart. Eye Opening.

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  1. the end of the world is near
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    Son of bitch! And shit!
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    no wonder the medium price dropped 30-40% yoy. it's all due to the foreclosures
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    Foreclosures have gone parabolic!

    CDO's are at historic discounts!!!

    We haven't seen a buying opportunity like this since the Great Depression!

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    Take another look at the chart, you want to be selling at the top, not buying. :p
  6. wow thanks for the link

    How does it go?

    "What happens in the California economy soon spreads to the rest of the country."

    A leading indicator for the rest of the country.
  7. bfft no one cares about foreclosures except those who are being florclosed. The US economy is not impacted at all. Not a big deal.
  8. Say that to Lehman, WAMU, Wachovia, IndyMac Bank, and a boatload of banks/countries/people that lost a lot of money.
  9. A few companies and a couple thousand employees who work at these firms have been affected by the foreclosures. But the vast majority of the US and global economy is not. Only 12 or so banks of failed. And there is no evidence the forclosures has resulted in a recesion or a slowdown in any other sectors.

    And last of all, only a TINY percentage of total California homes have been foreclosed.
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