California may claim to balance its budget but...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bond_trad3r, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. California may claim to balance its budget, but common sense tells me that things have deteriorated further from the reported $40 billion deficit and that all these new taxes will encourage the wealthy to move out while the poor continue to have children.

    I don't think California has seen the last of its budget troubles this year, and the federal government is going to soon realize that bailouts of failure is a huge moral hazard which in turn makes the problem worse.
  2. And what about next year. Deficits have a way of becoming structural...
  3. That's why an outright depression is necessary. Too much bullshit in government and too many people believing they're entitled to everything. No one is entitled to shit. You have to work hard for it, sometimes even die for it for the benefit of others.
  4. If you feel that there are too many people in California ( such as illegal immigrants ) receiving entitlements and draining resources in the State, I hope that you understand that that is not a State issue, but a FEDERAL one.
  5. It's not illegal immigrants I have beef with. It's the benefits given to illegal immigrants, lawful immigrants, naturalized citizens, and natural-born citizens. In both cases it's welfare, and it is a state issue. I also have issue with excessive amounts of people working in government. It should be as small a number as is humanly possible. But fuck it, what do I know. Enjoy Great Depression II motherfuckers.
  6. Landis, I may have misread your statement. There is no doubt that the federal government is a part of the problem. But the state (in this case) has played a major role in its own demise. Even if there were no illegal immigration, I have no doubt in my mind that California would still be facing massive budget issues due to choices California has made as a state.

    Plus I don't have a problem with illegal immigrants. They are hard working individuals and are willing to break the law to provide for their family across the border. They do this because they believe America is the land of opportunity. And they are right, at least circa 2008 anyway. They work for next to nothing, yet it is still exponentially more they would earn if they remained in their country. They also realize that nothing in life is entitled to them, some of American's youth could learn a lot from them. However, the illegal immigrants which do nothing but have babies all day -- like all the other everyday citizens of all races and creeds who share that mindset -- are a drain on society. I'm not saying they should not have kids, but if they do they must take the responsibility to ensure their kids become a successful member of society, rather than a street thug ending up in prison or repeating the vicious cycle.