California has just stopped paying its bills

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    No more money for medi-cal and now clinics are now not taking new patients which means no healthcare for the poor now.

    Next up...the children. $2.5 billion is supposed to be paid to the schools next month which doesnt look like thats going to get paid. But least they got that $500+ million dollar school up(money WELL SPENT!). Too bad they will now no longer have the funds to pay the teachers in that school.

  2. Im witn Arnie on this one
    Make the stand, everyone feels the pain
    or the whole thing will just collapse
  3. No more rebates for electric cars! Say it isn't so!:p
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    Next the liberals challenge Proposition 13 in court, have it declared retroactively unconstitutional and assess property owners statewide with back property taxs from 1978 to Present.
  5. This could actually be the beginning of something really good. To my knowledge, maybe Scat can chime in, Colorado had out of control spending and then Tabor was passed and it put Colorado on the right track.
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    I live in a math-free-zone of California [very liberal].. they are into conspiracies, multi-level marketing where they are all eying each other's savings accounts... uhhh, healers from India, that sort of stuff... and they blame the whole current crisis on Governor Schwarzenegger!! Never mind that they have been overspending for decades!! They are running out of other people's money to fund everything and they don't get it... I see "repeal prop 13" stickers sometimes.. they have sales tax, income tax, property tax, but they want more property tax.. all the Republicans can do is protect that prop 13, if they don't do that, well, the real estate values will take another hit...
  8. sooner or later we need to come to the realization that illegal and legal immigration has to stop. There is no way around it.

    We can not even find jobs to 22MM people and put 40MM people in food stamps and yet millions and millions of people are becoming residents or granted H1Bs or work permits or children of illegal immigrants and tourists are becoming citizens every second every minute.

    This craziness has to stop. Only an idiotic government will allow such things.
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    Calif is just screwed.. with all the debt and all, they can only put Band Aids on the hemorrhaging and pretend nothing is wrong..
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