California Fire Hazards

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by limitdown, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Just a word / thread of "well wishes" for our brethern in Southern California enduring the horrid firestorm that's plagueing the area.

    It would be appropriate for the rest of us to post a wellnesss message for all the traders who might be offline, or otherwise badly affected in Southern California.

    Hey, JWKirkland, hope your offices and associates are safe and doing well.

    (all the best)
  2. Thanks limitdown...the whole office is doing fine. A few friends of ours lost their houses, but all of us traders came away OK. Thanks for the well wishes.
  3. Same here!
  4. Amen to that.... talked to a customer in San Diego yesterday that said he was wearing a mask while trading! Thoughts and prayers to all there.
  5. I asked Baron to return this thread to the Trading Forum, so that it would remain in the Home page cascade list whenever activated by comments, and could be seen by others readily instead of found or searched for under the Chit Chat Forums.

    I felt that expression of fellow human feeling would be appropriate and provide a means for others to do so, so that they could "move on", as it were.

    Perhaps, he is listening, as this is important enough to remain in the Traders Forum.

  6. It wasn't moved to 'Chit Chat' but to the 'Hook Up' forum. It will show up on the homepage as people post messages.