California electric to climb 33%

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  4. Can they blame it on Enron? :confused:
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    Or maybe Bush?
  6. It pleases this guy....

    Barack Obama: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket
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    Just read a story the other day that was from california or chicago, teacher who is accused of molesting 40 kids will get to keep his entire pension, thanks to the teachers union, who are all about the kids, With big gubbermint looking after us, there is nothing that can go wrong.
  8. A 33% rise in utlity rates is nothing. The democrats want to do everything possible to discourage use of not only coal, but nuclear and nat gas, even though we are sitting on several hundred years' of cheap and accessible nat gas.

    They want us all huddled in highrise urban aprtments, soviet union-style, so we don't use cars or have to heat and cool big houses. Their vision goes by names like "smart growth".
  9. Solar cells are becoming more efficient/cheaper/longer lasting every year. If you have a big house you can generate electricity and sell some back to the grid so Mexicans can have a light bulb.
  10. This thread sent me off in search of info on solar electricity. I found and admired the cut of their jib so much I made a donation. I think they have the ideas for some tech that could bring a 100kW power generator into a back yard at cost low enough to make it attractive. If electricity is expensive and you are selling it to the grid then Karl Marx's ideas apply: they guy with the tech makes the money!
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