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    How could this have happened to the garden spot of the world? Stupidity is the only answer, combined with a system that lets any worthless bum with no skin in the game vote to elect the leaders (the fatal flaw of democracy). Even more sad is that the rest of America is too stupid to see the California disaster as the proverbial canary in the coal mine. Some of the responses to this post will probably confirm my assertion. Stosh
  2. Canary in the coal mine, good analogy.
    I'm still amazed that the mentally challenged are allowed to hold office, sign legally binding contracts, and drive cars.
  3. new$


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    Hotel California by Eagles
  4. Stosh


    Seems like the "mentally challenged" comprise at least a third of our population and growing. I'm not really talking about the mentally handicapped, rather those people who should have learned from history that there is not enough "other peoples' money" to provide for everyone's wants.....even though trying to do so gets you elected.
  5. The Democrats have ran this state into the ground but I don't see it changing until the state goes bankrupt.
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    That isn't how it was setup originally. You had to own a substantial amount of land to vote. We should go back to that model.
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    Hotel California is full of spending addicts and anyone with brains and assets is checking out and leaving for Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. It is called voting with your feet. Stosh
  8. AMEN!
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    Apparently you think that grammar-challenged Republicans would not "have ran" California into the ground. :D
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