California declare fiscal emergency

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  1. This counts as news reporting nowadays? Where are the ideas?

    Oil is at $83 a barrel. Let the state of California go into the oil production business using the Norway model where the government takes control of the production. Norway has a $500 billion surplus account from oil after expenditures.
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    The public worker unions are riding California all the way down, all the friiiiiiiickkkkkkkkkking way down folks. Same as GM. They rode them into BK and didn't give a rat's ass about the company... same shit different ride.

    The comptroller of the state was caught on tape telling people in a meeting that there is not now, nor will there ever be, enough money for the pensions, not even... there isn't enough taxation possible to pay it.... and they have been hiring all during the current crisis-upon-crisis recent history. It might be fun to watch them put loans on top of loans for awhile. Whitey has left the building, you can't squeeze much out of Mexicans... good luck with that shit there California, the place is turning into a third world hole like every other leftist dominated place on the planet...
  3. Its very unusual to see that school districts maintain school buses here.. I say let parents drive heir kids to school, if not that will improve public transportation system.

    Imagine how much money they save if they cancel school buses.
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    PAYGO needs to be amended into the constitution and enforced onto state governments as well.
  5. Yeah you have no idea how much schools overpay for school buses. I actually looked into this as a business and the subcontractors were taking in a huge amount of money. If i remember right (I looked into it 5 years ago) there was a company selling their contract with the school and the school paid them 350k per school year for the few buses that they had. ( dont remember exactly but im sure it was either 3 or 5 buses they had running with that specific contract, although that was in Arizona)
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    We need to divide the country and put all the leftists in one place and let them survive on their own--can't be done and they'd all eat each other within a week. And we can't let them have California, too nice, Michigan or Minnesota would suit them nicely.