California becoming a part of mexico?

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  1. There seems to have been a fundamental shift in Californias view towards illegal immigrants. 10 years ago, politicians (i.e. Pete Wilson the govenor) were much more vocal about it. But I believe we are now past the point of no return. The momentum towards accepting illegals into society ( let's give them all drivers licenses!!),
    will be hard or nearly impossible to stop.

    As California's Mexican population increases, how will politicians suddenly stand up and say "sorry guys, gotta take you back". The free benefits we give out (education, health care) will
    be seen as entitlements instead of just charity the longer we allow it to happen.

    Cinco De Mayo is an incredibly big deal here in LA. Casear Chavez is a state holiday.

    What is all this going to lead to?

    Latino's becoming the majority of the states citizens in a decade or two. Wages for unskilled labor will continue to decline or barely tread water vs inflation. The gulf between the rich and the poor will widen. More mexican holidays becoming state holidays. Are peso's going to start being accepted in California and the southwest?

    There will be inevitable succession talks 20 or 30 years from now (remember french canada wanting to break away from the english parts). Mexico and the US aren't going to suddenly gain a single unifying identity.
  2. You mean Mexico is becoming part of California.
  3. The ENTIRE COUNTRY, is going through the largest period of IMMIGRATION EVER!

    Let's get the facts straight before people start popping off about what they perceive is happening . . .

  4. yeah, it's weird...on the one hand, my family came here a couple hundred years ago so i feel like it's hypocrisy for me to tell others they can't come here...of course, back then there was no guaranteed health care, minimum wage, or any other social programs, for that matter...

    the drivers license issue with allowing illegals to get licensed, btw, is just to keep illegals from killing people on the roads...

    but on the other hand, they are sucking the system pretty hard...and that is bad for everyone, especially those who pay taxes to keep it running...
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    They ( immigrants ) don't set up the system to suck it dry, it is already set up this way to get their votes ( a big no no if you ask me)..... And there are Americans that have been sucking the system dry way longer and way more than the immigrants....but I wont point any fingers.....peace
  6. It would be interesting to see what happens if Mexicans do -- contrary to every single measure of good sense -- decide to move towards secession when they inevitably become the majority in California. Afterall, they do have something of a historical case for it. (Still, it would be a huge blunder -- for their quality of life -- if they do.) I wonder what the federal government's reaction would be.
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    BLUNDER?? why a blunder???
  8. Well, where would you rather live Cubano, the USA or Mexico?
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    Considering people ( mexicans and company ) cram themselves into 18 wheelers and pay coyotes a sum worth 5 years salary to come here to the USA, not to mention some pay with their tell me amigo???...Where would they rather live????

    But I agree the grass isnt always greener on the other side.....
  10. Well, I gather from that you're saying they believe they're better off in the USA, which I agree with. And that is why I said that for Mexicans to favor secession, or union with Mexico, would be a big blunder.
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