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  1. wasn't really sure where to put this. Question, can anyone recommend a bank in CA. for a business account. I know some of the big players like bank of america, etc. I am trying to find someone with a local presence and not total morons (I know a tall order). Let me know your thoughts.
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    there is no intelligent life within the walls of a bank. I have searched for it, in California, for decades, it just does not exist...

    You might try a Japanese bank branch if you are in a metropolitan area... my wife has a full service broker, it's British based and the number one place to be employed in the country.. American companies nearly all suck and have people working that are scared stupid and abused...
  3. Thanks for the info. Please PM that bank info if you could. Thanks.

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    I don't know really, my experience with banks in California is just dismal really. Some are good for businesses and terrible for individuals and vice versa.

    A Credit Union was hassling my wife about some power of attorney issues and a transfer for weeks, we got different answers from everybody we talked to at two branches, meanwhile I discovered a blog where some guys were trying to figure out how to hack a Credit Union. I did not take it seriously but eventually they announced that they put their hacker software on thumb drives and sprinkled them around where the employees took smoke breaks. One of the dumb shitz took one in and plugged it into their work PC and the guys shut the blog down right after that!! I never told the credit union idiots, they were still hassling my wife who is incredibly honest, while people were emptying the vaults... I would go with a Japanese Bank with Japanese employees, if they are told not to put thumb drives into their machines they will remember and they won't do it......

  5. I have some stories that would make you hair go white, spooky knowing these guys are in charge of fdic accounts. I have been trying to get a simple debit card for over a month. You threaten to close your account and they stare blankly like ok, no problem. WTF?:confused: