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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by robbo, Sep 18, 2002.

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  1. robbo


    I am thinking about joining CaliberFinancial to complete the Comprehensive Training Program that they run and would like to hear opinions from Traders that have completed it.
  2. MUChris


    I think if it was really that comprehensive more of us would have heard of them. Just a thought.

  3. OHLC


    This firm is probably too recent to have been widely heard of, just like Lynx was unheard of a couple months ago.
    Should not be a criteria to make an opinion.
    Is it better to have bought Microsoft 30 years ago, when nearly no one knew about the company, or when the Nasdaq Comp was reaching 5000 and everyone wanted some shares of Microsoft ?

    Everyone should do his/her homework :)


    Just comments, not intended to bash or praise anyone
  4. As long as they are not asking you to put up wads of cash and/or pay for the training, what do you have to lose? A little time? I expect even if the training is poor, you'll learn something that will help you make money in the future.

    The first lesson is on me and it is free... and it is this....
  5. Caliber is more then happy to show you their P&L's, let you talk to the traders in their group and around them from another firm. IFyou're not happy with the training after a week, they will cut you a check for your upfront capital with no problems.

    The first week is spent on intensive training and review of the prior days training. Once you start trading, they continue to work with you after the close, until you become profitable.
  6. traderxp


    I've been reading this for a while, but I never felt the need to register until now.

    However, I know for a fact that CaliberFinancial is a b.s. company composed of 2 people that were thrown out of another firm and maybe 2 more brand new pikers. Don't believe everything you read from a guy who posted over 100 threads (calibertrader) since registering on 9/12/02.

    It's just a clever way of trying to recruit people to a nonexistent company. Make yourself sound big and grand, and reel people in.

    --Just my 2 cents
  7. axehawk


    I just checked out their website and they have an obvious typo in the text.
  8. mrktwiz


  9. Wow, I go away for a little bit and the group I work for is getting blasted for no apparent reason. We haven't fired anyone, no one has quit, and we never worked with traderxp, but for some reason he has a beef with us. Just to correct your facts, the two partners of Caliber resigned to start their own company. Unless you're one of the traders Caliber refused to hire, I don't understand where you get off bad mouthing Caliber. Even then you have no reason.

    As I've stated before, Caliber offers a comprehensive training program, and everyone is welcome to come in, sit in for a day or two, talk to traders in the group and around us from other groups, and judge for themselves rather than listen to a sales pitch to make up their minds.

    If you've read my posts, none of them are for recruiting. In fact most of them are full of insight, and have helpful tips for new and experienced traders.
  10. TraderXP

    I just recently joined Caliber Financial. I have my series 7 and I am studying for my 55 and 63 presently. I am getting hands on experience and training right next to some very experienced and profitable traders. I can tell you one thing, I have researched other firms, and I don't think i would get this type of training and help on a consistent basis as I am getting here.

    If you like, I can let you know how I progress with this firm. They are teaching me there trading strategies that have proven to be successful for a while now. And I also see that they are able to adapt to market changes.

    I know that no one can guarantee me that I will be a profitable trader, however, I am glad I am starting off here.

    I actually work here, and I am not a partner, so if you would like to hear about the firm from my point of view, feel free to email me
    #10     Oct 3, 2002
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