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    Hey all,

    was wondering if anyone has dealt with Caliber Financial and how their experiences have been?

    I believe they clear thru Hold Bros.

    Any informed opinions as to their legitimacy, stability, honesty, history, etc... would be appreciated.

    I have a friend who is an experienced and profitable trader and he is looking at opening an account there, but i have never heard of them, and he just wants to know if they are on the up and up...

  2. I was actually a little hesitant to come over to Caliber originally because they cleared through Hold Bros. But the two partners of Caliber were very straightforward and honest with me. I'm extremely glad I went with them. They delivered on all their promises regarding training, commissions, etc... The best part is they take care of everything with Hold so I never have to deal with them. They also take the time to hold your hand when your having personal or career problems. The wierdest thing I've seen is they are willing to help traders land jobs elsewhere if they aren't making it as a trader, which is great, since most other firms just give you the boot. But because of them I'm a successful trader. I guess I only have positive things to say about them.
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    thanks for such a quick response...

    i just have a few questions:

    how is the technology and the stability of the software over there?

    also, u mentioned u were initially reticent to go over there b/c of their relationship to Hold Bros... I don't know anything about them so was wondering if you could clarify what your concerns were and how Caliber was able to address those concerns?

    i'm trying to get a sense for how stable there risk management is and if they will live up to their end of the bargain in terms of payout and such...
  4. and do they offer traders a chance to trade futures?
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    from talking to my friend, i don't think they offer futures they suggested that he open an account somewhere else and trade thru the internet at one of their offices...

    my friend is in NYC, so i believe they have an office there...he wouldn't commute to jersey city...perhaps they offer remote?
  6. The stability of the software is comparable to all the other firms. They have several backups so trading is rarely disrupted.

    I heard Hold was difficult to deal with and as a new trader at the time, I didn't want that to interfere with my learning. But as I stated, I've never had to dea lwith Hold because the Caliber partners took care fo everything for me.

    I'm profitable these days and get paid on time every two weeks. Caliber requests all the checks and hands them out. They have nver lied to me about anything which includes commission and rates. If you want you can PM with further questions, since answering these question on the board can be construed as unpaid solicitation (already warned by the moderator).
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    thanks again for all the help...much appreciated...

    i'll pm you if my friend has more questions...
  8. I use the HOLD brothers trade the news service ..where they call out mrkt news over the squack box....but they also call out any tech or software problems...all i hear all day is that Dot is down or brutt or Islnd is down....I dont think there has ever been a week in the last year that I didnt hear them having some problem with their software. Yes they do have a backup..they use Belzberg, but since their system goes down soo much and they are using Belzberg half the time, who wants to rely on Belzbegrg, ??? its an old system that WorldCO used to have. And Caliber is an LLC of HOLD....and I do attest that they are the sweetest guys in the world, but if HOLD goes under even the sweetest guys arent going to get your money back for you. ANd buying power is very limited.
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    true dat...definetly always that risk of going under...thanks for the response...
  10. I said the systems are comparable to all other firms, and systems go down everywhere, just read the recent Assent posts. I have friends in several firms and they too have system issues during the week. The difference is greybox itself neve goes down, it is the DOT line, but there are backups which take no more then a few seconds to switch to. The Belzberg you are referring to is a trading platform. They don't use that, they only use the BELZ line, but you are more then welcome to use the HDOT line for no additional charge which Caliber eats since everyone else in the firm is being charged a mark up to use HDOT. Caliber has no issues with buying power because they have their own money up and they have never turned anyone down as far as buying power. In fact I was talking to one of their swing trader and Gennady and Ed put up another 50K so he can have additional buying power.

    The going out of business rumor has been around since I got here and the Hold has acutally grown since then by quite a bit. I would talk to Gennady and Ed, they have alot of money up and they are always checking sources to see what the deal is with Hold and everyone else.

    On a lighter note, aren't they just sweet, LOL. They are good guys and I hope they get big enough to start they'r eown prop shop one day, they really deserve it.
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