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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by excitedtrader, Nov 6, 2002.

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  1. I know I have no credibility, but their have been several posts on this firm. I tried to get explanations from the negative posters, but none replied with one.

    I just recently passed my exams, thank god, and started working with them. So far they have delivered on all their promises for training. The systems are also very reliable, but I can't compare them to other firms.

    The rates they gave me were very competitive to the other firms I interviewed with, and they paid for my exams, NICE!!!

    The two trainers still trade, and make money. They spend alot of time with me after hours going over my trades, which is very helpful. The other traders are really nice and very helpful. They try and keep the environment pleasant.

    Just wanted to post my opinion.
  2. Thanks You.
  3. skeptic123

    skeptic123 Guest


    How about posting those "competitive" rates.
  4. traderxp


    that's lovely. there should be a mass exidous to caliber. like one big happy family.
  5. I can not, not allowed to, but compared to the rates I got from Wordlco, Generic, they were better.
  6. hctrader


    I work at Caliber. Great work environment. Great bunch of guys. Love it here. This is by far, the best place that I have worked at.

    Traderxp, I'll bet that your big mouth dwarfs your trading ability.
    Why don't you climb back under that hole that you crawled out of. Your only mission on the boards is to blast Caliber. Did someone at Caliber break your fragile, little heart? sob, sob.

    You keep posting negative comments, but your posts have absolutely no substance - fatuous comments and nothing but lies!

    If you have some personal issues that you want to settle with one of the Caliber partners, than I suggest that you contact them directly and deal with the issues. Otherwise, get over your heartache and get the F*ck off the boards unless you have something positive to contribute in regards to trading.
  7. traderxp


    everything i have stated on this board has been 100% true, 0% lies. deal with it.
  8. Now boys, let's get along. Not everyone can love us.
  9. hctrader


    Weak, very weak.

    As I stated before, either you contribute something about a topic/s related to trading, or get the hell off the boards!!! Stop wasting everyone's time and taking up space with your infantile badgering on these forums. NOW!
  10. skeptic123

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    Honestly I could not care less but traderxp has just as much rights to post negative comments as you and excitedtrader have rights to post positive ones.

    As far as substance of the posts is concerned, if you guys claim that your rates are better but refuse to provide specific numbers - this is lack of substance to me.

    Frankly I find it quite suspicious that he is not "allowed" to post his rates here. Not allowed by whom, not allowed for what reason. All of your competitors posted or had their rates posted one way or another. Read hitman's journal, DB related threads, all rates are openly discussed. If you beat your competitors' rates as you guys claim - it is just good business to post them everywhere, it just does not make sense that it is not allowed, unless they not that good after all.
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