Caliber Financial Mgt, MBH Trading, and Hold Bros

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by pineman, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. pineman


    Can someone provide some updated info pros and cons of each of these Props firms : info such as how " legit " are they, mentor program, why do you need a series 7, % of traders are are sucessful, etc.

    any info would be helpful.......
  2. mbh is a real joke...have u been to their offices?
  3. What is MBH trading stand for - ?????
  4. pineman


    Livingston :

    It is funny that you should state that i called them about two weeks ago.... all i can state is that they came across very unprofessional.....I couldn't even understand what the hell the person who answer the phone was saying....

    Stated that they were merging with another company....

    So please clue us in ...what was the office like, I am looking for a good prop firm in lower Manhattan.
  5. place was a joke, it was in a basement of some building downtown, the traders were not that good, one thing i look at when im checking out a company is to make sure that there were better traders than myself over there...
    I can assure you there was none..

  6. vvtrader


    MBH Trading LLC! Are you guys talking about the one that locate at 55 Broad Street? I am trying to contact them but no answer. I am interested in their Smart Trade Manager (SMT) software. I am just wondering if that the same firm you guys talking here.
  7. jrh


    i think mbh is closed, but it was definitely a joke. this guy named nehemia who had made some money front-running on the short-side started it to teach people that same strategy which he could no longer make money with himself. a real pyramid scheme. all potential traders beware the pyramid scheme!