Cali AG Brown Rips CNBC

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Landis82, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. Pretty funny how AG Jerry Brown ripped Michelle Caruso-Cabrera over her absurd comments
    (re: the East Coast financial elite) in regards to CNBC's interview of Brown regarding a lawsuit initiated by the State of California and their pension fund vs State Street regarding commissions on currency transactions totaling $54 million that breached State Street's fiduciary responsibility to their customer, in this case the State of California.

    Brown literally "mopped" the floor with Michelle and her side-kick Dennis Neil. Too funny!

    Video to be posted soon.
  2. Thanks, Landis.

    Kneale and Cabruso Cabrerra should all join up with Kudlow and start their own show, as they're three of a kind (i.e. simpletons).

    Cabruso-Cabrerra is so proud of her ethnicity that she overlooks the fact that nearly every country in south and central America is despotic, poor and treats its citizens ruthlessly.

    And Kneale looks more like Beaker now than ever:

  3. You guys still watching this stuff?
  4. fluffgirl

    I cannot believe landis and I agree on something. What's next..will pigs fly?
  5. Byrne calls them "a 24 hour infomercial for Wall St."

    I tuned it off, but got calls from Calif. saying, "I know you don't think much of us, but..........."

    Now, I have to watch it.
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  7. Well, who do you suppose will win this one and when do you think this will be settled?
  8. Define "mopping the floor." I didn't catch any floor mopping. Is someone just offended that CNBC had the audacity to ask a dem a somewhat tough question for a change?
  9. I wanna see tits-Cabrera got-damn it. Or of course Liz Clayman's sweater puppies.
  10. Brown is being mopped....He agreed to buy something at a fixed price. The other party took all the risk and guaranteed that price. And now Brown wants part of the other parties profits.

    Unless contractually the other party was to cap profits or guarantee, not a sell price but a spread difference, then there is no case.
    #10     Oct 20, 2009