Calendarize the fly?

Discussion in 'Options' started by insaneinvestor, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Not sure why I even ask a silly question but I am curious to hear what anyone thinks of spreading a butterfly over months of same option. (prolly has 10 other different names) but that is what I was thinkin this eve for low level pateince enough for two months profit.

    B MASQJZ .73 +.73
    S 2 MSQIZ .51 -1.01
    B MSQHZ .25 +.25
    Credit 0.03

    Then sit back and watch.

    Never attempted this, may not even be possible but wanted to gets some feedback on it. . . basically lookin to hear wh it wont work or what i am forgetting here. it seems too simple of a strad yet the profits will not be impressive either. Yet consistancy lurks in the corner perhaps.

  2. jj90


    Talk to coach or IV_trader. Been testing those as vol plays into skew approaching earnings mostly. Whether the mid month or short or long depends on IV levels usually due to report date. Will update as I find more.