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  1. Hey Baron,

    How's about a calendar on ET??

  2. Baron

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    Be more specific about the type of things you would want to see displayed on the calendar.
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    Not to say ET should or should not, but there are already some pretty good ones out there, do a search, cboe has a good one as does briefing and thestreet.
  4. that would be a great idea - data releases, earnings, lockup expirations, etc.

    obviously would be much more useful if users could post relevant information to it - but that might be tough on the mods...
  5. Just the major eco news that's coming up, with the time that the news is released on that day... things like:

    Cons confidence

    Nothing too specific - I don't think most of us care about stuff like porkbellie inventories, but definitely whenever numbers come out, or there's a fed meeting coming up, and maybe also big earnings like GE, IBM, INTC - stuff that really rips the market.

    Maybe you could put a little calendar icon on the main page that pops up when you click it, like with the airlines. Then you click on the date and it lists anything coming for that day. Alternatively, you could just have a couple of lines on the main page showing what's coming up for the next 1-2 days...

    I'm not a position trader, so I hardly ever look at a calendar, but it would be nice to see anything major coming up. I'm definitely too lazy (and not being a position trader, it's not worth my time) to go to the other web sites and look at their calendars, but since I look at ET every day, this would make it REALLY nice and convenient to see anything coming up when I'm at ET.

    Thanks Baron!
  6. Maybe just have a link on the front page to one of the popular sites and perhaps the same with earnings.
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  8. I prefer

    It gives previous numbers, expectations, descriptions etc...
    The calendar from Active Trader mag. is great if stuck on the wall for quick reference.
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  10. You could also post on the calendar how many days until Aphie passes Don Bright in number of posts, important stuff like that.

    Birthdays of famous traders would be nice too.

    For instance, I would want to know the day W.D. Gann was born so I could celebrate by drawing some gann fan lines.
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