Calendar Profit Taking with Equities

Discussion in 'Options' started by deltahedge, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I came across a presentation from a friend who went through the Sheridan Mentoring program (Oh the shame! I know...) they used to have an unwritten rule that one should be content with 20-25% gains on ATM calendars on indices (i.e. RUT, SPX, NDX) and take the trade off.

    My only question is with equities should one be content with a similar rate of return or hold on longer for some juicier returns? Quite frankly 20% on a trade is damn good (unless you're like most ETers and have 2 10-baggers on a monthly basis), but I thought given the extra "risk" inherent in individual equity as opposed to an index a trader should be looking for a greater return. Any thoughts? Thanks :)
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    Profit objectives and risk tolerance (stops) are an individual and arbitrary decision. To me, it would make more sense to run a trailing stop, giving you the opportunity to let your profits run at a fixed risk (assuming no gap down).

    And no, this isn't the 10 bagger board. That's over on the Futures BB. :)