Calderon addresses congress

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  1. Mexican President Felipe Calderon makes his pitch to congress. WTF? What's next? Bin Laden gets his turn. This is a national disgrace.
  2. This spectale has removed all doubt. Our nation is lead by cowards. To be lectured by the likes of Calderon is a pathetic display of our leaders lack of honor and integrity. Makes me wanna' puke.
  3. Not to mention the democrats applauding all his rips
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    When is Hugo Chávez scheduled to address congress?
  5. It was sickening to watch the Dems give standing ovations. I am just as disgusted with the Repubs lack of courage. They should have walked out. Cowards, one and all.
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    IMAO: Gobbledygook Defined

    "During the visit from Mexican President Calderon where everyone got to whine about the Arizona law, Obama said, “In the 21st century, we are defined not by our borders, but by our bonds.”

    Is there a better example of meaningless gobbledygook? What exactly is that supposed to mean? Are we going to now deport people for illegally crossing our bonds? Why waste time saying things that don’t mean anything? I guess the only other alternative than Obama saying something meaningless was saying nothing at all, and that’s not really an option.

    We are defined by our borders. Borders define the boundaries in countries. Apparently, the bond between Mexico and the U.S. is that they don’t respect that definition. Mexico severely enforces its south border while ignoring our border to their north; we just encourage that behavior by acting like we’re all friends.

    What a real president should have done when Calderon started whining about Arizona enforcing federal law was slap him in the face and say, “Hey! That’s an American state you’re talking about! And you’re in America so you better respect that before my fist illegally immigrates into your face! Yeah, that’s right: I will drop you.”

    I guess that might mess up our “bonds” though, and then how would we ever define America’s sovereignty?"

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  7. The best part of this whole thing is what Calderon told Wolf Blitzer. He contradicted everything single falsehood that the dems and Obama have been saying about the AZ law and made it perfectly clear that what he said in the presence of the dems and Obama was clearly written by the teleprompter boy.

    Too damn funny.