Calculating your Capital Gains - Vs. Expenses

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by myoffices, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. If you are wise then this week will be about calculating your capital gains and minimizing the gains with whatever expenses you can find. You have to use it or lose it to the great Tax Man ( Person) who is coming.

    Nominal business expenses reduce your tax liability for legitimate expenditures. Like the new tablet, The overpriced subscription, the new truck you bought for the business to do your due diligence or the new trading tool you got to help you. Maximize your accounts by seeking the best way to minimize your liabilities. Its going to be really expensive to pay down 18-30% gains some of you have this year.

    Its been a great trading environment for many with a rise above 15000 + and guess who is waiting for their share. Calculate then spend like a fish to offset those gains as much as you can with direct business expenses before 2014.

    read this Q&A it may give you some ideas.

    I remember having clients calling in March to ask for cash to pay for their tax bill from the previous year. (with down portfolios- now what) Pay it forward.

    Somebody has to pay for Obamacare and its going to be you. The Healthy Wealthy and Unwise.