Calculating trend with excel

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    I am working on identifying horizontal support and resistance levels on the universe of SP500 stocks using Market Profile. I like market profile to identify the high and low
    boundaries of consensus value/liquidy/range/chop. Price is watched at these areas
    for rotation back into the "value area" or, volatility/liquidity search for new value area.
    I have noticed, of course, that trend is a good thing and possibly it is good when
    the value area boundaries that I will screen for also converge with the upper and lower trend line ( horz S/R and a sloping S/R simultaneous.)
    To get to the point: I would appreciate any feedback offered on calculating the sloping trend(not the horz market profile). I am using Eodd data using Excel/VBA.
    I am am going to calculate linear regression and scan for positive slope on 30,60,120,240 day data seperately. This alone is useful to me.
    What I am thinking of ( for lower trend line) is sliding the y intercept down in small increments looking basically for when I am no longer tagging data and stop there designating that line as the bottom trend line. I have drawn many chart combos by hand and see that this may have limited value.
    Is there a simple method(math challenged here) to do a better job at this?
    Thanks. Believe me, I've considered just looking at the charts but....