Cal you imagine SET damage to naked calls ???

Discussion in 'Options' started by IV_Trader, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. More than 100 points on SPX with only two hours of trading left (+ pre market )!
    Poor bastards that let 10-20 cents positions to “let it expire”…
  2. I wonder if any traders were in the practice of "selling the teenies" earlier today.
  3. I don't believe anyone would do that in a such volatile market. But there are crazies out there.

  4. mr jahjee is pretty quiet today....
  5. SET was 1279.... simply amazing... 72 points over the close yesterday...
  6. Should teach all those "most options expire worthless = risk free money" guys a good lesson.

  7. It will not. Noticed that its always NEW ET’s handles that advocate this nonsense. The old army of “worthless expirations” enthusiasts are simple done trading (and posting)
  8. MTE


    The previous record was a 45-point down "gap" after 9/11.
  9. And this 72+ point gap up to 1279 is much higher than the actual high of the day to this point (1265).

    With the SPX at 1133 yesterday, who would have thought this was possible?

  10. I know two guys who made millions and two who went debit due to today's SET.
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