CAL this morning. guy stepped price up 4 points

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by bespoke, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. bespoke


    Did anyone notice this too? Guy stepped up with 100K shares from 10.00 to 14.00 and nobody filled him, he just ended up cancelling. It happened after 9:30 but I'm not sure if it happened before or after the stock opened. If it happened after the stock opened, wouldn't an LRP prevent this from happening? If it happened before it opened, what the hell? How far away from the price does a trade get broken? Can premarket trades be broken?

    It was not a bad tick. I watched him step up. Never saw anything so wild before. But trading resumed as normal 2 minutes later as if nothing had happened.
  2. montysky


    Why didn't you hit him? I would if I saw it. I lost $500 shorting this thing last Thursday, would love to get some of my money back.
  3. Dustin


    It was broken...
  4. bespoke


    I was involved in a few other trades at that moment and my mind was incredibly slow from the lack of sleep. It just popped up on my radar so I switched to it. It was running up like crazy and final print at 14.30ish and next print was at 10 something so there wasn't a safe opportunity to short it. I wouldn't punch until I see the size getting hit hard. Besides, probably all broken but it shows up even on the yahoo charts.

    But wouldn't an LRP have prevented it from even getting up that far? Nobody can lift those offers right?
  5. come on, no safe place to short it when there's no bid below it for 4 points and the stock is trading substantially higher than the previous day's close with no news? clean him out! what's 100k, a mill BP? :p
  6. They busted all the trades above 10.80 between the open of the market and the following two minutes. If you smacked that bid, they would have likely busted that as well.
  7. bespoke


    I thought the same thing about EDS a few weeks ago. That didn't pan out so well :p I thought I may have missed some news, as I usually do