Cal Recall Election Will Dominate News

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  1. They call it the summer doldrums, the dog days, and it is truly a nightmare for anyone in the 24/7 world of news. Nothing is happening in congress, nothing is happening at the White House, the europeans are all on holiday, no football or basketball, in short no news. Otherwise insignificant stories get blown up and obtain traction for days, simply because there is nothing else out there. The 16 words and Kobe both have gotten more time than they deserve because of this factor. Now what has happened? Only the biggest political event since the 2000 Florida election. The California recall, answer to a newsman's dreams.

    This promises to be the political equivalent of Wrestlemania. Take a quirky recall statue, an amazingly unpopular governor, some determined opposition and you suddenly have a short fuse election battle that will make Bush/Gore look like Andy Griffin reruns.

    The Republican side will no doubt feature a cast of big name politicians like Riordan and Kemp, some aggressive younger faces like the irrepresible Dan Issa and Michael Huffington, plus your favorite Terminator. On the other side, ambitious democrats face a truly daunting dilemma, stand behind their governor or take what might be their only chance to grab the brass ring. One surprising candidate has already surfaced, though no one doubts her ambition, Arriana Huffington. As Mickey Kaus notes on MSN, if she or anyone with a pulse actually enters on the democrat side, it could trigger a stampede of democrats eager to replace Davis.

    The election is set for the first week of October, neatly filling in the time until the new TV season begins and NFL divisional races start to take shape. Prepare for nonstop, wall to wall coverage.
  2. More republicans wasting tax dollars.

    This is just a loophole in the Cal election laws.

    Republicans seem to hate democracy even more than the Iraqis do...:confused:

    The repubs think it's a way to get Ca's electoral votes.

    Yet another election tainted by the GOP.


    Arnold couldn't even remember Gray Davis's name, so he'll fit right in with W as another moron.

  3. maxpi


    "Man bites dog" season for the news. Kobe Bryant and California politics. California credit rating is near junk bond level btw.

    If Arnold wins do you think Calif will have a strong leader? If he runs for a second term will his slogan be "I'll be back"?. If he wins will his speech be titled "hasta la vista baby?"
  4. Are you for real? Republicans wasting dollars? That's a hoot. Like Dems never waste. You're a sad little boy. Can't wait for the Dems to go down and out in '04. The beginning of the death of the loser party. HA.
  5. I think this is a quirky law but it is the law. The California Supreme Court, not known for Republican views, ok'd the recall. Does anyone doubt they would have spiked the whole thing if possible. Seems a little churlish to me for the Democrats to be complaining that somehow this process is illegitimate.

    Too bad the state can't charge news organizations to cover it, kind of like a sports league would do. That would more than cover the cost. Or look at it another way. You know how these cities and states always try to justify building convention centers, sports stadiums, etc by the amount of spending that will be added to the local economy? Well, the spending on this election will more than offset the relatively minor cost to the state. Maybe they should do it every year.
  6. A possible Democratic strategy would be have Davis recalled
    then nominate only one candidate on the replacement ballot
    would suggest Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamonte (first
    Hispanic statewide elected official - elected by an overwhelming
    majority last year) to fill Davis' position. From what I read
    in New York Times today the winner in the replacement phase
    would be the highest votegetter among x amount of candidates.
    If C.B. was the onlyDemocratic candidate he would get a solid majority of both Latino and regular Democratic support. Therefore, this may be a plausible alternative strategy for
    the Democrats.
  7. goodscalp,

    I'm sure they would like to do just that, but as I understand the law, they have both the "recall" vote and "replacement" vote at the same time. To run one Democrat candidate only, they would have to basically abandon Davis and any hopes of winning the first part of the ballot, or somehow convince him to drop out. Also, anyone who pays the filing fee can run, so wild cards like Arriana Huffington could still be on the ballot no matter what the state Democratic party wanted. Wild.
  8. Despite my very immature previous post I think the recall is a bad idea, regardless of Msr. Davis's political affiliation. Why? Because the constituency should have to live with their decision. Davis hasn't broken any laws (that I'm aware of). I read a good article (can't remember where, damnit) in which the author said, what do they (the electorate) want, a Mulligan?
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    The Dems are morally and intellectually bankrupt. All they have for arguments is a lot of tantrum throwing and stupid arguments designed to fool the double digit iq people that vote for them.

    Not that I'm being critical, I mean this in only the most positive, pro active way of course!!
  10. I tend to agree with you if we were debating the wisdom of the actual recall law, but it's on the books and this recall is apparently very legit. You do need some procedure to get rid of a governor who has committed serious crimes or is mentally impaired or unable to exercise the duties of office.
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