"Cakewalk" War

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  1. taking over a country the size of Iraq, with the kind of experienced fighters they have in a matter of months is as close to a "CAKEWALK" as you can get !

    Except perhaps if you are invading France.
  2. You should get a job as a FOX spin doctor.

    By the end of this war you'll be telling us Iraq was the greatest fighting force in world history.
  3. msfe


    this crusade against the Islamic world will never end - even if it is officially declared "job done"
  4. Yeah, especially the Crusade to Kosovo. I hate wasting American blood to save Arab necks as much as you do! :D


  5. ...Brother Mondo....We have had our differences lately but during this hour of need I would ask that we put aside any difference we may have had and would ask you to join me in prayer tonight...Many of us at ET have been PM ing prayers to one another in the hopes that Alfonso's father is diagnosed with cancer.....hopefully it will be terminal bowel cancer, but at the very least we are praying that it is some sort if liver cancer...we just feel different that's all and we believe it is perfectly legit to pray for his family to suffer, much the same way he is helping our troops family suffer...

  6. My father huh? Hmm, I understand maturity isn't your strong point, but that's still a bit of a low blow... why not simply wish it on me?

    Well, I won't stoop to your level. All the best to your family TM! And Mondo, and Comp and Optional too!

    Kindest Regards
  7. Too late...You said you hoped Iraq wins which means you hope Americans DIE...Those are my brothers and sisters out there...so now i pray with all my might that your dad get's terminally ill.....besides, in case you forget, Im praying that you get into a car accident tonight.....I'd love it if you ended up like Christopher Reeve, blowing through a straw and blaming the Bush administration for not funding stem cell research......PLEASE, PLEASE LORD HEAR MY PRAYER!!!!!
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    :mad: ....TM you are better than this.
  9. What's the difference??????....Hoping that Americans lose is the same as Hoping they die.....if these foreign scum can hope my fellow Americans die, why can't I hope their family dies???? Its the same thing.

  10. Oh no! Not me!

    I'm gonna cop it too huh? DAMN!

    Oh well. We'll see how it goes. I'll let you know if anything goes down.

    My pal MohammedAkram and I will be praying for the brave Iraqi defenders to hold strong and destroy the invading scumbags!
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