Cajun Squirrel

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  1. Cajun Squirrel

    ~ squirrels, cut into serving pieces, amount depends upon how many you can eat
    ~ olive oil
    ~ 1 large onion
    ~ 1 large green bell pepper
    ~ 2 cloves garlic
    ~ Cajun spice (Tony Chachere's recommended)
    ~ 2 tbsp Tabasco sauce
    ~ 4 tbsp ketchup
    ~ 1 tbsp Gumbo File seasoning
    ~ cooked rice

    In a deep pot or dutch oven, heat some olive oil.

    Season the squirrel on all sides with the Cajun seasoning. Add to the hot oil and turn to brown on all sides. Continue to cook until done.

    Place the onion, bell pepper and garlic in a blender. Cover with water and chop. Add to the pot when squirrel is done.

    Sprinkle the added vegetables with Cajun seasoning.

    Add the Tabasco sauce, ketchup and the Gumbo File. Stir to mix well.

    Serve over the cooked rice.

  2. Sounds nice, but whats "gumbo file" seasoning?
  3. Oh.

    I thought this was just another PureTrick thread...
  4. Presumably, a cajunsniper ought to be able to shoot a cajun squirrel?

    Sassafras, will have to keep an eye out for it. Havent eaten squirrel either, rather like rat i gather.
    Havent eaten rat for that matter, but if you believe those whacky adventure shows its not bad!

    An old canuck told me the local natives just ate everything, muskrat, otter, beaver, etc.....mostly the organs, that is some pungent game, i hope to never see a recipe for muskrat.