Cain a failure at picking up women.

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  1. I feel sorry for Cain, a wealthy man, ex CEO of a large corporation, head of another corporation and he couldn't score with a woman, this man has no game. I would have some respect for the man if a white blond woman (he obviously likes hot blonds, which is good) came out and talked about how successful Mr. Cain was in bed. Even some hookers coming out would be better than seeing all his strike outs with the women. But alas the poor man appears to be a failure with women. This will doom his chance of beating Obama in the general election, and that's only if a miracle happens and he makes it that far. The sexual scandal didn't hurt Clinton at the polls, but face it the man could get the women in bed, he was successful where Cain is not.
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    :confused: Huh?

    Is this supposed to convince us to vote Obama?
  3. we cant know how many he scored with. there has to be some. he could have had a 10 to 1 win ratio.
  4. No, just an observation. I would never try to influence how you vote.
    I'm still holding out hope for Cain that some women he's been successful with will come public and help prove to all his supporters that he isn't a failure with women. I'm feeling sorry for the poor sap.
  5. Talk about being in a lose/lose scenario.

    In fairness though, only the one from chicago calimed he hit on her. The one working at Treasury sounds more like the typical government employee filing discrimination claims on a weekly basis. She said something about him being unprofessional or making her uncomfortable. From her claim at INS, it didn't tak emuch to make her uncomfortable. Seh complained about an email joke her supervisor fw'd to people. The joke compared people to computers. Men, like computers, had to be turned on to get them to pay attention. Women, like computers, recorded the smallest mistake in permanent memory and kept it forever.

    I think as a pol, you do have to be careful what public persona you choose. Clinton was the loveable rogue, the big ole country boy with a heart of gold but a wandering eye. Cain chose a far more difficult role, the guy with the spotless public and private record who you would feel safe with your wife or your 401k. So far, only Romney has been able to pull that off.
  6. And independents can vote for Romney, Cain not as much. But in fairness to Cain he might not be that bad. He is ignorant on many issues but he can learn and I can see him telling the Tea Party and religious right to take a hike. Once a person is president I think what they thought they wanted to do and what they can do are very different and once they are president they are the president for all Americans, Republicans, Democrats, independents and those who aren't part of any party. It's a tough ass job especially when things suck like they do now. My thoughts on the last election was who ever won would likely get more than they could handle, this election may be the same, who ever wins is getting a hard and sometimes impossible job.
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    Why would he do that?
  8. BAMMMM!

    This why if Cain does not bring the hammer, he is guilty.
  9. No surprise that you would project your own failures with women on this instead of seeing it for what it is -- a smear campaign.
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    Wasn't Cain married during the time of all these alleged improprieties?

    IOW he was/isn't supposed to be picking up women, let alone be any good at it.
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