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    Can any share some light on CAIA program? Does any one take the exam or in prepare for the exam now? Please share some of your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. I took the Level I this past Friday. It was less quantitative than I anticipated. I studied from the Schweser notes but I would reccommend buying the required readings and going that route because of the obscurity of some of the material. I find out my results in the next couple of weeks...

  3. curriculum is being changed right now.

    level 1 is easy
    level 2 hard, but if you put in the hours you will pass

    i did not use any outside notes/vendors to prepare.
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    curriculum is being changed right now

    When the change will be finalized?
  5. go to the website they should have more details, but from what I remember correctly level 1 is getting a make over, easy stuff is out, starting next exam in sept 07'
  6. That is why I hurried up and took it in March. As long as they keep it multiple choice ti shouldn't get that much harder.
  7. The new study guide is online. Interesting how some of the traditional investment info is now considered to be a pre req, instead of being part of the exam.

    New hedge fund material as well, which seems like it may add to the quant side.

    Time to study.

  8. that was the idea. with membership growth, the difficulty of the exam goes up, its only natural. Level 2 is going to be a killer when they throw out the ridiculous stuff on convertible arb and quant trading strategies from 10 yrs ago, or whatever that was.
  9. I'm glad I took level I when I did, I just passed it, took a look at the new curriculum online, and they really are trying to make it tough. I guess that adds to the prestige of the designation now. Pretty soon it will have three levels I am guessing. Good Luck all!
  10. What is it you intend todo with the CAIA designation? What kind of job can you get with it or how will it help your trading?
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