CAIA designation Certified Alternative Investment Analyst

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Copernicus, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. any holders out there?
  2. pluksin


    When the CFA first came out, it was a lot easier to obtain and pass. The CAIA is relatively new, it can never hurt to have an extra credential. What is the downside to pursuing it? The cost of the exam?
  3. bubbrubb


    from the study guide (some 80 odd pages long) it looks pretty rigorous. . .
  4. pluksin


    What are you scared of hard work? If you are just trading on your own for your primary source of income, yeah then studying for it may be a waste of time--or a feeling of accomplishment.

    However, if you work in the finance realm, it can only add to your value, uniqueness, and thus leverage for commanding a higher base compensation. Am I right?
  5. when CFA first came out it had 2 tests not 3.

    same way with CAIA now, 2 for now, 3 and much tougher in the future i'm sure, once they get enough people to pay dues, and they will since its mostly hedge fund, fund of fund, and alternative investment personel at ib banks guys signing up.

    i passed level one in june, about to open books for level 2 in feb. there are only about 400 charterholders as of now, i was just wondering if there were any on ET.

    on a sidenote, they give substantial discounts to current graduate students, i think its 350 per exam.