CAIA designation becoming the standard in the alternative investment world

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  1. Great Post.

    I would have been studying for a CFA all year if I hadn't read this.

  2. pjbreen


    That's good to see... I passed level 1 a while ago but have been putting off taking level 2.

    Maybe I'll get off my butt and get it done.
  3. i'm in the same boat.
  4. Don't jump on the boat, before you know where you
    want to go

    -Is this an internationally recognized Charter Program?

    It is the goal of the CAIA AssociationSM to make the CAIA designation the worldwide standard of excellence in the alternative investments field. With more and more institutions now requiring employees to complete our program, we are well on the way toward achieving our goal.

    -How many people are currently members of the CAIA Association?

    Currently, there are over 260 CAIA members, the result of our first four graduating classes. We anticipate our membership will continue to double every year into the foreseeable future.
  5. yes, it is.

    talk to anyone in the fund of fund/alternative investment world at an I-bank and they'll tell you.

    Head of the alternative investment strategies research at UBS is on the board of directors, and have a look at the advisory board
    would these people want to be associated with anything that wasnt going anywhere?
  6. I'm taking Level 1 in February- how difficult was the exam? I don't think it will be that tough, seeing how I already know a lot about the industry.
  7. level 1 is not hard if you prepare accordingly. make sure you spend some time on real estate and ethics.
    level 2 from what i hear has essays, so its probably more difficult.
  8. caia is not competing with the cfa

    depends on what area of the investment world one is interested in.
  9. CAIA, CFA - looks like a ton of overlap, and CFA is more comprehensive.

    CFA is the way to go.
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