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    Wish I could short this!

    :45 CAFE Host America contacted informally by Fort Worth office of SEC (15.68 +1.10)

    -Update- Co discloses in today's 8-K that: "On July 19, 2005, Host America Corporation was contacted informally by the Fort Worth Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC has requested the voluntary provision of documents and related information regarding Host's press release of July 12, 2005 and its Form 8-K filing of that day to which the release was an exhibit, and into related developments in the trading of Host securities. The SEC has advised Host that the inquiry should not be construed as an indication by the SEC or its Staff that any violations of the law have occurred, nor should it be considered a reflection upon any person, entity or security. Host is fully cooperating with this inquiry."
  2. You can, call your broker, borrow some shares, and short it.
  3. It will be < $5 in a matter of days.
  4. I wish I would have seen this about an hour ago!!
  5. JORGE


    Do you know where I can find a locate?
  6. I tried to short it with my broker and couldn't!!
  7. JORGE


    Frustrating. I tried a few places today with no luck.
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    I couldn't find any shares with my brokers.
  9. mlbeers


    what broker do you guys have?? And do you guys think there is any broker out there who would have some?
  10. I use Scottrade.
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