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  1. anybody got an opinion. I need to put some on tonight. My guess is short the JPY, based on the fact that it's high and they need to export, and how do you short CAD, based on what?

    otherwise, I'm long AUDCAD so it isn't that big of a deal, but I need to make my mind up in the next eight hours what I want to do with JPY.

    I guess common wisdom is to short the yen so I guess that's what I will do.
  2. ot,

    this one is runnnig out of gas on the downside.

    keep your eye on it.

  3. yeah, you're probably right. Man, those are nice charts. I aint much of a chart guy, but if you ever wanted to post them on a regular basis I would subscribe for a small fee.

    otherwise, yeah I suppose you are right, but the day is still young.
  4. this crazy system I have on now usually tells you what to do, but I have some choices. I'm losing my ass being long JPY, but I guess I'll stick with it and go short CAD/JPY
  5. Good morning,

    i think CADJPY will go up to test that High you can see in my chart.

    I would not go short.

    I dont know for what kind of duration trade you are looking for, but for this market it is all clear up.

    We will know more at 00:00 EST there are new signals are coming in for this week here.

    But if you say, i entered long into the market last week i would stay long.

    Target is around 79.00
    Stop is 73.47 under the low.

    Its just my quick analysis and what i think.

    Once again i would not go short here.

  6. where the hell have you been? we thought you blew up or got a real job

    you re still funny guy.....

    you know i have a lot of stuff to do, i cant be every day on elitetrader, doesnt matter how much i would love to........

    i felt i bullshit this forum with my sensless stuff full once again.

    its just funny to be a smartass sometimes, you know.....

    !!! Dont short this market !!! or you will soon be called poortime.
  8. too late, I just went short at 75.78

    if I ever get out of this JPY alive I never want to see another sushi roll
  9. Really funny joke.

    No one with common sense, would ever short this market here.

    Only because you want to trade the Japanese Yen, doesnt mean you have to be Kamikaze trader.

    Dont you see its going up, from here.

    Go out and go long.

    Since you are willing to lose money with stuff you do not understand, its better you do what i say and if you lose you can say it was my fault.

    Then you could learn the next lesson, never trust a other persons opinion about the markets future.........

    whatever, dont be short here, dont do it......
  10. you'd be surprised how much money I have made doing what no one with common sense would ever do

    besides, it's just a starter position

    I'm also short CHF/JPY and that's the one that's making me sick of sushi

    but I'm long AUD/CAD and I didn't want to cancel it out
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