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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by fader, Sep 12, 2005.

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    i am wondering if there is a specific reason why the front month on the CAC40 future is every calendar month rather than every quarter month, like dax,ftse, u.s. index futures etc. - does this have something to do with the financial / fiscal system in France... - i looked around but couldn't find an explanation, and the info on the euronext site is certainly very limited.
  2. Think my CAC data comes with Netherlands and Belgium. Recall them being monthly too. Might be wrong on that.

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    good point, thx Geo - this may be then related to how Euronext was set up to operate when it was launched, perhaps taking into account how its constituent exchanges had operated historically.
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    FCE and FTI both roll monthly.

    Not sure if there is any good reason for it other than the French just being French.
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    Historical reason : the CAC future has been traded every month since its inception. The current month is by far the most active one. Advantage : it is closer to the cash index, and when you rollover, the spread is not as large as if it were a three month spread.. Disadvantage : you must roll over every month.
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