Cabletrader , a shill for IBFX ? judge yourself..

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  1. The posts of cabletrader looked so familiar to posts made by another poster,Yoda_Glenn over at forexfactory, that I did some research (I was P.I. in a former life,guess, it's the nature of the beast) ,

    here are the striking similarities :

    1.) Accusing the people, who complain about the games played by forex brokers , of being conspiracy theorists

    posts at elitetrader by cabletrader:

    And now the post,no, thread started by Yoda_Glenn at forexfactory :

    2.) Both Cabletrader and Yoda_Glenn need hardcore proof for the manipulation and games of the forex MM's

    Cabletrader at elitetrader :

    Yoda_Glenn at forexfactory :

    3.) Both of them argument that an honest market maker makes more money than a crooked one(which is false of course since an honest one ONLY earns the spread and a crooked one "earns" the money of the 90 % of traders that lose and plays games with the winners to minimize their winnings, this is MUCH,MUCH more than the small spread)

    Cabletrader at elitetrader :

    Yoda_Glenn at forexfactory : 1875703&postcount=173

    4.) The argument that traders who lose money blame it on the broker who plays games

    Cabletrader at elitetrader :

    Yoda_Glenn at forexfactory :

    5.) Discredit the ECN model , WHY ? because as you see below our friend is from interbankfx who uses the MT4 dealing desk platform

    Cabletrader at elitetrader :

    No post by Yoda_Glenn at forexfactory since the ECN MB is advertising there

    At forexfactory Yoda_Glenn presents himself as a trader who makes good money with IBFX , of course, a trader :)

    There are others at forexfactory who questioned his strong support for IBFX :

    Here at elitetrader Cabletrader profiles him as a “trader” who is trading with SUCH an honest market maker :)

    You know what they say of the people who screamed the hardest that they are honest ..

    Here is the reputable Francesc from fxstreet who questions this :
  2. You have way too much time on your hands.
  3. Wow, 1 minute after my post , talking about having time on your hands :)

    yes, I am retired , that's why
  4. I would request you respond to my PM, otherwise I'm moving this thread to chit-chat.
  5. Yeah, I'm quick. Years of trading I guess.
  6. If I read those quoted posts, using a British accent in my head, it sounds even more convincing!! But, if I read only every other with an American accent, it's not as convincing. If I squint REALLY hard, and try to imagine Elizabeth Hurley tying Cables' words, then I'm convinced it's all a big waste of time trying to determine who is who (or whom, if we're using the Kings' English). Whoops, almost gave myself
  7. lol, oh my God, I've got my own personal stalker!

    fluttrader I'm really not sure what to say, it seems such a shame after all the time and effort you've put into your 'investigations' to just say it's the biggest load of bollox I've ever read so I won't say that.....ummm......great presentation, top marks, it's very neat and tidy! The content, well I haven't been through it but suffice to say I've never posted on forexfactory and I haven't a clue who Yoda_Glenn is!

    I'm not qualified to make any sort of diagnosis but have you considered seeking some help, seriously, don't you find what you're doing just a little bit flaky to say the least?
  8. This post is just a flame war waiting to happen. I do not see it adding value in the Forex Broker section. Regardless of who Cabletrader is or is affiliated with, I've not seen him try to advertise or sell any service here.

    Who he is or is not is irrelevant to the Forex Broker forum. I'm moving it to chit chat.
  9. I can think of other places to move it to :)

    You're right, I've never endorsed any particular broker or marketmaker, in fact the only specific broker I've said anything good about is my pet hate, Oanda! And I'm not trying to sell anything, I've got nothing to sell (or worth selling some would say!)

    Takes all sorts I guess, the guy seems to be enjoying himself and it's harmless enough.

    I can't see any point in replying any further so he can be a one-man flame war all by himself :cool:
  10. You only need an IQ of 70 to see that you are just an alias of Yoda_Glenn, anyway more to come about you saying one thing and doing another
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