Cable VS DSL

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    IMHO, you won't get any speed improvement from it FOR ONE APPLICATION - only failover in that case - However, it probably will increase "performance" if you have two or more programs, each accessing real-time data over the Internet e.g, you are getting real-time financial quote-data _AND_ you are listening to an Internet radio station - the nexland is probably smart enough to route that through the two WAN's in an efficient manner...

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  3. automatic failover is a fairly sophistocated way of dealing with a simple problem and may be more trouble than it is worth. But i have never used any of these retail level products, only corporate routers, and even the expensive business products don't always work. That is why companies always need a router technician around.

    You can always just unplug the bad link, plug in the good link, and reboot. With NT, 2000, or XP, you don't even have to reboot, you just go to the command line and reset the IP stack by typing "ipconfig /release" and then "ipconfig /renew" and then restart your network applications. You shouldn't be down for more than a minute in that case.
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  4. Im rather optimistic about these soultions mentioned in this thread. They all claim they can do backup work without any downttime...all in the background...seamlessly. MidpOint software even says you wont even know you were down unless you were watching their "connection meter".
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  5. maybe just a second pc on a different hookup with backup quotes and execution is the most reliable backup.
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  6. You mean, from Paradise to russia, back over to England, then under the Atlantic....over to Miami......from Miami by Sat. to LA. Then LA to NYC and then back from CHICAGO....

    Right? isnt that it.

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  7. Ding ding ding...we have a winner.
    Take it from a super geek who can setup anything.

    My backup? Separate PC , and UPS, + 56k modem, which can
    dial into any state in the country quick.
    And a list of ALL the ISP #'s in the US in hardcopy next to the PC :)

    Dont need no stinking power, just a dialtone.

    Keep it simple folks. Its what you need in a panic situation.
    I have confidence in simplicity.

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    Cable in theory is faster... but it can go slow if too many people in your neighborhood are logged all at once. Speed depends on how many are logged in at once. It sends and receives information quickly.

    DSL speed depends on how far you are from your provider. DSL just receives information quickly.

    Pricing is basically the same... maybe 10 bucks more for cable.

    T-1 is extremely faster than both. But I think it runs thousands to keep up.
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  9. Personall at times my cable competes with a t-1 line. I routinely download at over 1200 kbps, and my DSL was usually around 400 to 500. I thinks it depends on the company and the area you live in.
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  10. Yes.
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