Cable VS DSL

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    Looked into this's not really similar to the Nexland I mentioned. It might work in an office, but not for a home LAN. Reason being is that each one of these is a different gateway. So, you can only point each computer at a single gateway, meaning, each computer can only use one of the 2 routers. So, it doesn't load-balance persay, it just makes your network multi-homed.

    I agree about the negative reviews on the Nexland...I'm highly skeptical, but it warrants a look at some point. It's a hell of alot cheaper than similar Cisco products, and they aren't as well targeted at home broadband either.
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    FWIW, I have both cable and DSL and I have one gateway for each. I keep my main trade machine on one and put my email and web computers on the other. However, both gateways are on the same physical network (just different IP's), so if my main trade gateway goes down, I simply click on an icon on my desktop that runs a batch file that automatically re-routes my trade machine to the other gateway. That all happens in the blink of an eye and I am up and running again.
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  4. But, a PTP is still the best ...
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    You better believe it - but unless you are metoo and can afford it, fohgetaboutit


    [Hey metoo, is it blistering hot in Freeport? Or is there that carribean wind keeping you cool? What about the humidity? Still dreaming of trading from the Islands one day]
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  6. No, it is cooler than Chicago summers, humidity is less too. The hottest I have seen is 91. If you are by the ocean it is always perfect.

    The only thing separating you from trading in paradise is an airline ticket.

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    Really!!!?? Cooler than Chicago AND less humidity? Hmmm...

    Yeah, an airline wife would love it...I don't know how to take my five year old from her only surviving grandparents [mine - knock on wood]

    PS - could I rent a space there in Freeport to share your T1's ?

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  8. Nitro,

    Bring them with to babysit.

    Connectivity is pretty cheap down here; it is an all fiber network to Boca. All the latency is on the US hops. We are trying to do a work-around on a PTP, a PTP to Chicago is $14K a month, with $11.5 being the submarine cable between Freeport and Boca. But, I have it figured out; just need to implement it.

    Only bad part is the food and service; but you cannot have everything.

    Some interesting perks are I had a French model decide to sunbathe topless about 20 feet from where I was eating lunch, made up for the food. Interrupted a young couple in the troughs of passion on the beach the other day, that was also interesting.

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    So I can get DSL there realtively cheap then?

    As to the grandparents, well, they have two other sons with kids...[bring the whole family down!! - lol]

    Yowsa, I would have appreciated the "food" too..

    nitro :D
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  10. Nitro,

    Less than $100 month, with 3 different providers. Cheap pirated satellite TV and relatively inexpensive housing.

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