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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by starman, Jul 28, 2002.

  1. I concur, my DSL gave me spotty service but since I switched to cable (well over a year ago now) my systems run great.
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  2. Very much agree with this too, install the network card instead of using a USB interface with your cable or DSL modem, much more reliable, no performance issues.
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  3. JayS


    Had dsl for 1 day and cancelled, no problems with cable (actually faster than advertised).
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  4. I started with a $300/month business Road Runner. Then decided I didnt wanna spend/need the extra speed for the I changed to Road Runner residential service. for $45/month. I had no problems for months until, one day, there was a problem with Road Runner and went down at the worst moment during trading. It cost me $12,000.

    So is it worth paying extra $45/month for, perhaps, DSL backup? Im guessing it is. Just have to figure out how to make them work seamlessly. It would be great if, somehow, having both services can improve my speeds.
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    DSL and cable modems both offer alternatives to a T1: as others have said you can get both for much less than a T1. T1's fail occasionally just like these lower cost products - although for a price you can get service level gaurantees.

    You can route in hardware or software - Windows 2000 makes this particularly easy with multiple NICs on modern certified hardware.

    We have had all three solutions and all three have failed at times: we always have had back up services/routes and you can do this with the DSL/Cable service pair and a load balancing software or hardware solution.

    Part of the disaster recovery plan should be what to do if all of your services fail.
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  6. sounds impressive.
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  7. I have had both. I prefer cable. Never a problem. I had Ameritech DSL and they were terrible with service.

    At my office I now have Satellite Internet. Markedly sloer than cable. Not even close. Wouldn't reco it unless it is your only choice.
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  8. I just read the review of the Nextland router that allows using DSL and cable as backup while load balancing the 2 services. This router is the perfect answer to my problem for daytrading..or so I thought. There were many posts about how it freezes and such. Seems there are plenty of problems with this item.... Have you found any other brand - Linksys maybe - that does the same thing??? I would be greatly interested.
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  9. There is another cheaper method of hardware load balancing from the followng: Routers&e=49

    This product, you actually have to buy 2 (but each only costs about $60 - $70) but it has a fucntion which allows load balancing AND a backup feature in case one of your connection fails. I wonder if other company's routers do this??
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  10. exce26


    DSL: frequently down, max 250k speed
    Cable: Less down, max 1.5mb speed.
    Both monthly charge is similar.
    My choice: cable.

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