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Discussion in 'Forex' started by arbre, May 25, 2004.

  1. arbre


    what would be the best option to do if i think cable hits 2,00 before end of july
  2. Ikspec


    Are you asking what your best option for playing it is or are you asking what option/combination of options you should trade? If it's the former, then just buy cable ;)

    If it's the latter then there is no way someone could give you an answer for that without knowing the IVs that your broker is quoting at.
  3. The 7/30/04 1.8120 OTC call(atm) has a ThVal of 264 pips. Buy it here and you've got a 7-bagger at 2.00 on GBPUSD
  4. Ikspec



    And how is the OTC option trading going?

  5. Yup, Fenics. It's going well but the hours are a bitch. All the volty occurs in the overnight session.
  6. a one touch exotic would be a greatplay for that.

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  7. You're obviously referring to Refco SPOT.
  8. Ikspec


    Hey Riskarb,

    Who are you trading with? I've been giving a look to OTC options with my spot broker but they're ridiculous.

    Quoting basic options takes like fifteen minutes and by the time they provide the quote they tell you it's no longer valid because the spot is off 3 pips since they quoted it.