Cable News Race, by number of viewers.

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  1. Cable News Race Viewers:
    MON., MAY 22, 2006

    FNC - O'REILLY 2,105,000
    FNC - HANNITY/COLMES 1,666,000
    FNC - GRETA 1,494,000
    FNC - HUME 1,341,000
    FNC - SHEP SMITH 1,215,000
    CNN - KING 885,000
    CNN - DOBBS 702,000
    CNN - BLITZER 592,000
    CNN - COOPER 590,000
    CNN - ZAHN 527,000
    HN - GRACE 487,000
    MS - HARDBALL 471,000
    MS - OLBERMANN 406,000
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    think about the monopoly cnn had on the dishing out liberal views for years and now they are just being dominated by a fair and balanced report.
  3. Faux News... Fair and Balanced :D :D :D :p :p :p
  4. Proof positive of the dumbing down of America....
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    Meanwhile, the really smart people of the world, like charley sheen and many of his liberal friends, believe that 9-11 was an inside job by our gov't. Atta et al were just a cover. Remember, these are the people who are too smart to watch propoganda on FOX NEWS.
  6. Cable News Race UPDATED:
    TUES. SEPT 19, 2006

    FNC O'REILLY 1,932,000
    FNC SMITH 1,405,000
    FNC HANNITY/COLMES 1,396,000
    FNC BRIT HUME 1,381,000
    FNC GRETA 1,284,000
    CNN WOLF BLITZER 912,000
    CNN LOU DOBBS 848,000
    CNN COOPER 790,000
    CNN ZAHN 783,000
    CNNHN GRACE 770,000
    CNN KING 706,000
    CNNHN BECK 425,000
    MSNBC HARDBALL 413,000
  7. I find it disturbing that there are 770,000 people who can tolerate that crazed Grace woman. She makes O'Reilly sound like Perry Como.
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  9. Don't forget that most of the alleged 9/11 hijackers are still alive and cruising the mosques for pussy...
  10. I laugh when thinking of the Fox News viewers who shit their pants every time one of the phony "alerts" bongs every few minutes. But it certainly explains their world view... scared and willing to bomb anyone at the slightest provocation or threat to their safe little cocoons. If anything, the ratings reveal that others have a life instead of watching Scare TV.
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