CABLE MODEM or ADSL? Whats better

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by smalltrader35, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Hi Traders,

    What internet connection's do my fellow trader's use as their primary connection and back up? Cable Modem (Primary) ADSL (Backup) or the reverse? I presently use 2 ADSL connections. Cable Modem has only been made available to me a couple of weeks ago and I was thinking or getting it. I would like some honest feed back from my fellow traders on Cable Modem? Speed Comparison to ADSL? Reliability? Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. mirtex


    Quite depends, anyway in my experience cable was always faster and more reliable than ADSL. But can depend on your provider and locality.
    You should post your are and your ADSL and cable provider to get reliable feedback.
  3. omniscient

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    you might check at for feedback on various broadband solutions / carriers in your area.

    i use Cable and have been very happy with it from day one. in fact, it is even faster and more reliable / stable than when i first got it a few years ago. i've even gone to using VoIP for my phone service and love it too (so long SBC :D ). obviously, if my cable goes out, so does my trading connection and my phone (another good reason to keep a cell). though this hasn't happened (at least not during trading hours), i know it is a possible risk and i accept that.

    also, cost is nearly a negligible concern; it is almost the same price as local DSL options. and, really, if i wanted a better, more dedicated, cleaner option, i would look into a frac T1 or full T1 (about $350 locally). for now, Cable is good :)


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  4. Albert


    I use Bright House as my primary (cable) and Earthlink as my back up. I like the DSL better (faster) but I think it SEEMS faster because the other computers are all behind a Netgear router and there is only one computer on the DSL.
    Also, I think somebody is hijacking my cable connection because I have to unplug and reconnect my modem and router at least once per day to get my cable to come back up- very annoying. But at least that usually only happens at night. Not during regular market hours.
    Overall, they both work well enough, and I like having non-overlapping technologies to access the internet.