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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Glutton, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. Glutton


    I want to ultimately have primary cable and DSL backup on two computers.

    Right now, I can't even get passed ONE pc with dsl AND cable

    I have a DELL P2 333 with 320 RAM - WIN 98

    Have been using DSL for 6 mos. with not one minute of down time

    I recently added a second network card and set up cable internet service.

    I have my system set up to "never dial a connection". I open a web browser and I'm connected via problem.
    After 30 minutes of quotes or browsing etc. I get nothing. It's like I just get dumped or sometimes it's painfully slow. This happens early AM and late PM. I am in an area where there aren't too many others with cable let alone cable internet.

    I've had two cable techs out here and the line is perfect. My TV's are crystal. Comcast can't help me much further.

    I have also switched network cards and purchased another modem. I am on with DSL right now b/c the cable internet is not working.

    I checked the IRQ's and the DSL is on 9 and the cable is on 10...whatever that means. Sometimes I can shut down and restart and I'm okay but I think this is just a coincidence. The "slowness/shutdown" is random. I spoke with someone in the next town and their service is perfect.

    Also, I have a program that deletes cookies, temp files etc on restart every moring.

    Any suggestions?


  2. Some clarification, but do you have the dsl AND cable installed at the same time on one pc?
  3. trader3


    Why don't you start out by leaving the original working computer the way it was with DSL and making cable work on the other computer. Once you've got that up and running, try to add DSL to the second computer. If you get that working, try to add cable to the first computer. If you are never successful using both cable and DSL on a single computer, have the backup be the other connection type on a separate computer.

    If you are only going to work with one computer until you get it right, and are determined to follow through on your plan to have both DSL and cable on one computer, try removing the DSL and making cable work. If you get that going, add the DSL in and see if you can get them both working.

    An alternative is to see if the DSL works without the cable connected to the cable network card, but with the cable network card installed. If that works, then try to get the cable to work with the DSL not connected to the DSL network card. If you are successful with those two scenarios, you can leave one network cable connected at a time. Or you can try them individually with only one network card installed.

    Frankly, for reliability purposes, (which is what you are trying to provide for yourself), I think you want to have at least two computers anyway.

    There is no simple answer to your question, because of the interaction of all the software and hardware in individual systems. You need to take a trial and error approach and if you are not able to get what you want after a reasonable amount of time trying, settle for something similar that provides you with the needed amount of redundancy.

    BTW, is the DSL static or dynamic IP? Is the cable static or dynamic IP?
  4. Glutton


    Push: Right now I have the Dsl software installed and am also set up for cable internet on the same pc. I don't initiate the Dsl at the same time.

    Trader3: You're right, there are several trial and error scenarios I could try. Right now I'm going to Microsoft's website to download some patches that I found out I don't have. I will probably just connect the cable to the new DELL and have the dsl on the old pc as the backup. That's more than enough.

    Bottom line is...I could also have a power outage and have to rely on the old cell phone :D. I was trying to cover as many bases as possible, but right now, I think I'm just bugged that I can't do what I think I SHOULD be able to.

    Thanks again.
  5. Hey Glutton,
    My network at home utilizes a cable modem and has sometimes had the same problems you describe. There are two ways that the cable company assigns your PC/network an IP address:
    static: you always have the same IP#.
    dynamic:you get whatever IP# is available when you sign on.
    Originally I had static, so whenever I fired up the internet things were already "settled" between my equipment and theirs - that IP address was mine.
    The cable idiots switched to dynamic IP addressing recently - that way they can stretch fewer IP #s farther - you only get assigned one when you log on. This seems OK, except that they only allow you to hold (they call it "lease") a number for so long while inactive. For most single PC/cable folks your PC requests a new IP lease at boot - for me w/ cable sharing router that's on constantly I have to tell it to request a new lease when things bog down.
    If you see a consistant pattern of good performance after reboots with a performance drop after long periods of inactivity or long stretches of time after reboot, maybe that's your problem too (if you have dynamic IP assignment).
    P.S. dynamic IP stuff is called DHCP.
  6. I had the described problem with my cable service. It was exactly the DHCP prob that Smitty described. My solution.... ditched the cable and told the cable company to stick their service in their ass! Got a 3meg DSL service and it has been perfect. Use a basic dial up service as back up to get out of any crash.

    Unfortunately I didn't ditch the cable a lot sooner and it was an expensive lesson:mad:
  7. No DSL avail. here...
    Frustrating as hell to set up a sound alert, go make lunch, and
    come back to streaming data that quit streaming 10 min. ago!
  8. Smitty,

    Before I got the DSL I was going ballistic. I destroyed more than 1 keyboard and actually got to the point where I had one of my monitors in my hands before I woke up . I was brain dead! Why I waited so long is beyond me, I was stupidly blaming everything but the connection. My trading was so fucked I had to take almost a month off to recover. Obviously this kind of emotion does not lend itself to successful trading! :eek:

  9. Glutton


    This is ridiculous. Now I can't get the cable to work at all.

    Stupid question - but how do I know if I have static or dynamic?

    In my linksys TCP/IP adapter setup (or whatever) it is checked "obtain IP address automativally" Is this the dynamic that you're talking about?
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