Cable Modem Backup

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  1. I got some junk email that got passed my "block".

    This is what was being sold....

    I have never before traded from home, but I am seriously considering trading some Forex. So with the hours involved, being able to at least move stops or whatever from home makes sense.

    But I only have a cable modem connection at my home. When I had DSL (Bellsouth), there was a dial-up backup included with the DSL service. With the Cable, there is nothing if it goes down (which has happened...not often, but it only takes once)

    So I was wondering if I got an inexpensive dial up ISP as a backup, if this Proxyconn thing is really something to consider. Is it a real thing? Or some kind of BS marketing ploy?

    I know there must be a lot of guys that use cable modems to trade. What do you use as a backup? (Other than calling your trading desk, or broker or whatever you use).

    Thanks in advance.

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    I use NetZero (Dial Up). You get a limited amount of hours each month and the service is free.:)
  3. Still free? I didn't realize that. Thanks!

    I can't remember the sequence of free ISPs I have used. I know I used "worldspy" (or something like that), which became part of Juno if I recall. Then there were banners that you could not get rid of. I think Netzero also had permanent banners or "toolbars" or whatever they call them.

    Do those banners interfere with trading platforms? I know my son used to complain that he could not play some of his on-line games because of banners. This was when I first had DSL and didn't know about routers. So we couldn't be using the same service at the same time (at least not to my limited knowledge).

    Anyway, assuming that everything else works, what is the deal with the "accelerator" that I got the advertisement for? I know it's only $4 a month but does it do anything?? I hate to download and install software that I have no idea if I can cleanly delete from my trading computer. Even the Netzero software makes me a little nervous. I am not comfortable having anything on a trading computer other than what is essential. And "clean". Maybe I got paranoid having traded so long with Schonfeld, where they did not permit ANY software (or even any files) to be installed by traders. No internet access; nothing at all.

  4. No ET? :(

    No internet access;
  5. Charts and ET on a seperate unit from the computer that has the trading platform. (order entry). That's the one I am worried about.

    No ET? What are you, nuts???? LOL

    How can any trader live without ET? GG, Aphie, Longshot, and the crew are essential to any successful trader's life.

    Seriously, Schonfeld, you cannot access the internet at all. And you most definitely cannot access their trading platform over the internet. That is a situation in which you MUST be in the office or have a dedicated remote set up, which I know exists, but I have never seen one except Shonfeld's own in his house. (which is more like another "office" on the network). No idea of the mechanics of it.

  6. Most of those accelerators simply cache data and images etc from the sites you visit regularly, so you don't have to download them again the next time you visit the same site. This can make opening pages faster but the actual speed of the connection is still limited to the maximum your dial up modem allows.

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    If my understanding is correct, Proxyconn (and Propel) are a bit different from other "accelerators" in that they route your address requests through various servers and compress the data more fully before sizing the packet for your connection... then, your computer decompresses on the fly. It actually works. I've had Propel for about 8 months.

    However, this technology is not used on secure sites nor does it help with the speed of downloads.
  8. OK, thank you very much for the reply. But I don't quite understand what you mean by "not used on secure sites"...does this mean I should not use the connection for my order entry platform? Or is the "secure site" you refer to the actual site I am GETTING the information from?